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First Choice Business Brokers Richmond, Virginia

FCBB Will Help You Buy a Business or Sell Your Own Existing Business

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Buying and selling a business is trickier than you think. It’s way different from house hunting – there are many legal contracts and processes to go through to set yourself up with the right people. When you decide to buy or sell a business, a professional business broker can help you through the entire transaction.

First Choice Business Brokers of Richmond will help you with your business sales. As the Richmond area’s most trusted brokerage firm, business owners can rely on us to connect them with potential buyers. Likewise, aspiring business owners can count on us to find quality businesses for sale. We serve Richmond, Glen Allen, Chesterfield, & surrounding areas.

All of our business brokers are educated and highly trained business sales associates. A diverse group, our team comes from  backgrounds such as business ownership, accounting, banking, real estate, and executive search. You can rest easy knowing our brokers are experienced in the industry. We make sure our team is well-versed in business evaluation, business sales, business marketing, and buy/sell negotiations to satisfy both buyers and sellers.

First Choice Business Brokers is nationally known for our expert handling of all business sales. Established in 1994, the company has expanded all across the country to become the nation’s largest business sales organization. As a part of their franchise, we have access to their extensive network of buyers and sellers across the United States. We offer Richmond buyers the best of both worlds: a nationwide selection of businesses and the individual attention available in smaller markets.

When you’re interested in buying or selling a business, don’t hesitate to call our professional business brokerage firm. Our team of brokers will help you find a smart investment that satisfies all of your professional and personal needs. 


Why Choose Us for Business Valuation in Richmond, VA?

1. We Have Extensive Experience In The Niche

When it comes to business valuations, the more experience a firm has, the better it is for you. Established in 1994, FCBB has decades of experience in the business broking domain. We serve businesses in Richmond, Glen Allen, Chesterfield, and surrounding areas. We are one of the most trusted brokerage firms in the country, and you can rely on us to connect you with potential buyers and sellers. 

2. We Have Professionals Working For Us

You need capable and talented people to get the best out of your business valuation. The FCBB Richmond team is Patricia Griswold, William Griswold, and Scott Black. They are highly experienced and licensed professionals who have proven themselves in the field. When you hire us, you get specialists working for your business valuation to give you the best results.

3. We Provide Great Value For Your Business

As a business, we understand how important an accurate valuation is for you and your brand. We ensure you get the best deal available in the market when you want to sell your business or move to another venture. Our extensive network of buyers and sellers extends all over the United States, and we are confident we can get you in touch with the right people. Getting the best valuation for your business is our top priority.

4. We Use Accurate Appraisal Methods

FCBB's goal is to deliver the most accurate assessment of a business possible to put you in the best position to buy or sell. We adhere to all industry standards and certifications during your business valuation process, ensuring you get the best deal possible. Our valuation methods take into account not only current income but financial history and future projections as well. To improve your valuation's accuracy, we also consider current market trends and deviations.

5. We Deliver Detailed Analysis And Reports

As our client, you can rely on us for accurate reporting and analysis. Our experts check every detail of your business to ensure that you get a fair and accurate business valuation. FCBB's valuation report highlights notable aspects of your business assets that you might have missed. We leave no stone unturned when getting you the information you need about your business. 


Importance of Hiring Experts for Doing Business Valuation


1. Improve Value Of Your Business

The goal of a business valuation is to simply get the best deal for you and your partners. Being a team with decades of collective experience, FCBB can help you accurately evaluate your business. For you, our client, connecting with us means you have an experienced and diverse team working for you. We can maximize your business valuation through a careful valuation of your business and its assets.  

2. Plan Your Succession

In every successful business, there comes a time when you need to consider succession. Business valuation is the perfect tool that can facilitate this process. Valuing your business can help you sell or gift your business to family or colleagues. FCBB can also help buyers identify the right opportunities to meet their requirements, skill sets, and financing. Our team is with you every step of the way. 

3. File Estate Tax Returns

Business valuation is a critical component in estate planning. A qualified appraiser like FCBB will make adjustments to the value of your business that may impact the value and the tax owed. These adjustments include adding back expenses not related to the operation of the business, deducting amounts spent to keep the business running, or excluding intangible assets such as customer goodwill or the value of an intellectual property.

4. Handling Buyouts And Disputes

Business valuation is the only way to consistently evaluate how much you'll be paid when you sell your company. The value of a company can only be determined through an expert business valuation like what we offer. Valuation also becomes critical during legal disputes when two or more parties are in disagreement about the value of their interests in a company. You need a dependable agency like FCBB, which can support you regardless of your situation. 

5. Required For Financing And Loans

A business valuation is an indispensable tool to help lenders and other investors make a decision when financing a loan or an investment. FCBB can provide you with valuable insights and a precise valuation that other financial agencies might have overlooked. Rather than go by estimates or opinions, we put into numbers the actual value of your business. We help you get the best financing options for you through an accurate valuation that reflects every facet of your business. 


Business Valuation - FAQs


1. What Is Business Valuation?

Business valuation is a process where the value of an asset is determined in monetary terms or as close as possible. It is used for several purposes, including, but not limited to, appraising, comparing, valuing, and funding a business. Experienced broking agencies like FCBB usually carry out these valuations for businesses. 

2. Can A Business Be Valued In Cash?

Yes, when a business is sold or taken over, it must be valued in cash, not just shares. This valuation is done by business valuation experts. The agency calculates the value of the company and how much the buyer should pay for it. It is very important to get this right which is why you should opt for our services from FCBB in Richmond.

3. Do You Need To Do A Business Valuation?

A business valuation is mandatory depending on several aspects. Let's assume that you're going to sell or gift your business. In that case, you need to have it evaluated to know the monetary value of the business. It also becomes critical if another company wants to buy you out.

4. How Can You Determine The Value Of A Business?

Evaluating the value of a business is a complex task, especially today. It can be overwhelming, especially for someone who isn't an expert. There are just too many variables in the market to be considered for people who are not in the broking domain. This is also a good reason why you should approach a professional business valuation agency rather than doing it yourself. 

5. What Are The Advantages Of Doing A Business Valuation?

There are many advantages to doing a business valuation -

You can get an accurate estimate of the fair value of your company.
You can use this information to make informed decisions about future investments.
It's an excellent tool for creating more value for shareholders. 

6. Where To Find A Good Business Valuation Firm?

We are not ones for self-promotion, but First Choice Business Brokers are a great choice, especially in the Richmond area. We handle all our clients with utmost care and ensure they get the best deal available to you. We consider all assets and intangibles to get you a valuation you will be satisfied with. 

7. How Much Does It Cost To Do A Business Valuation?

A professional valuation will start from about $500 and go up depending on the size of the business you want the information of. The price will proportionately increase if it is a large business or has many complex assets. Get in touch with us, and we'll help you with the valuation at an initial no-cost consultation. 

8. What Is A Business Valuation Report?

A business valuation report is a document that describes a company's assets, liabilities, capital structure, financial position, and cash flows in relation to its future cash flow requirements. It also details how these financial characteristics compare to similar companies.

9. What Are The Main Factors When Valuing A Business?

There are several factors to consider when valuing a business -

    1) Market size
    2) Traction
    3) Development stage
    4) Talent Potential
    5) Industry concentration
    6) Customer concentration
    7) EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, And Amortization)

10. How Long Does It Take To Value A Business?

It might take years to get the right figure if you're doing it by yourself. This is one reason why you should opt for expert valuation services. A professional agency can do it in a much shorter time with a more accurate valuation. 

11. Where Can I Find More Information About Business Valuations?

A Google search can give you a lot of information that you can use. You can also head over to our website FCBB. We have everything you need to find out more about your business valuation. Do get in touch with us for your free consultation!